Why Men Pay Big Bucks For The Girlfriend Experience

Men all over America are looking for providers and requesting for something known as the girlfriend experience and paying big bucks for it from beautiful women.

Legal escorts in Vegas used to be simply companions. However, in recent years, there has been such incredible demand that every one is selling something known as the girlfriend experience.

Girlfriend experience is basically the experience where you feel as though a complete stranger who is female and beautiful is already your girlfriend and as though she truly cares for you. E.g., a escort website that specializes in the girlfriend experience is VegasDream Escorts.

The reason why it is priced so high is because it is not difficult for a woman to simply go out with a guy. However, it is very difficult for a woman to feign full on romantic attraction to a complete stranger right upon meeting him, and only a professional can do it well enough.

In fact, even legal prostitutes outside of Clark County, Nevada, are selling it as well! See the video below to see this being explained.

How To Have Fun In Vegas For Single Men

There are lots of entertainment cities around the world but none as big and glamorous as that of the infamous Sin City – Las Vegas!

As single men, you are in BIG luck when you are in Vegas. If you are loaded as well, that will ensure that your trip is extra fun.

Firstly, a quick disclaimer – Las Vegas is not cheap at all if you truly want to enjoy all the entertainment here. With that said, here are the biggest and best ways to have fun in Las Vegas as a single man!

First of all, which guy comes to Vegas himself and not engage an escort? Escorts are a great way to have fun in Vegas while having beautiful local women accompany you and feeling like a million bucks while walking down the street of Vegas. One of the most popular escort websites is Vegas Dream and you can contact them here if you want to have beautiful models around you while in Vegas.

Second of all, casinos are definitely popular in Vegas. If you are not an avid gambler, I do NOT recommend going to the poker tables. I simply recommend playing a little at the Jackpot machines or Blackjack tables, where it’s less likely for you to lose a lot of money. However, because it’s still gambling, proceed with caution – you can either make a lot or lose a lot of money. Make sure that you only gamble in Vegas with money you are comfortable completely parting with. Jackpot machines are available in nearly every hotel lobby, so there is no real need to specially look for a casino in Vegas.

Third of all, how can you go to Vegas and party without going to one of its awesome pool parties with hot girls! Some of the best pools in Vegas and are highly recommended by me are actually Venus Pool Club and Tao Beach Venetian – they are the absolute best in Vegas strip.