Why Some Men Reject Marriage Contracts & Opt For Escorts

There are many men in America who realized that marriages are actually a terrible choice unless they are mentally prepared to split their assets in the event of a divorce or have both parties sign a pre-nuptial agreement.

Unfortunately for men, marriages are actually detrimental unless you wish to have children e.t.c. In which case, marriages are probably ideal. However, for the men who do not wish to have children, then marriage is not the greatest choice.

First of all, most courts are biased towards women when it comes to a marriage contract. In fact, a man is never protected under a marriage contract – you get to enjoy the same benefits as a normal relationship but you get the added financial liability of having half of your assets wiped out in the event of a divorce on top of paying needed alimony.

Second of all, you cannot simply ‘quit’ your marriage if you are bored of your partner without suffering serious financial losses. The reality is that marriage is similar to a business contract – one in which the men have nothing to gain.

Therefore, many men in America simply opt for a life full of sugar babies where they dictate how the relationship will be, and/or simply meet escorts whenever they feel lonely!

Although that is definitely not the way every man in America should live like, it is a great option for the men who do not want to have any children anyway.

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