Is Hiring An Escort In Las Vegas Illegal?

Many people and rich men like to engage a beautiful female companion to bring them around Las Vegas. However, due to tons of false information by people outside of the industry, and stupid fear mongering, a lot of men are scared to hire a social escort because they think it’s illegal. The truth CANNOT be further away from that.

Escorting is fully legal in Vegas. Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. Therefore, you  cannot legally hire a prostitute in Vegas, but you CAN legally hire an escort in Vegas.

First of all, you need to understand what’s the difference between escorts and prostitutes.

Escorts are simply beautiful female models who will go out with their usually wealthy clients to public or private dates, and act as their significant other and provide the ROMANTIC girlfriend experience in every sense, except for sexual services.

A prostitute does NOT provide any other services other than sex or sexual services and most clients who visit them are either old, dodgy looking or poorer.

If you are looking for a woman for sex or sexual services, then go to one of the counties in Nevada which allows for legal prostitution and engage the girls at a legal brothel.

If you want to engage an escort because you want to enjoy your time in Vegas with a hot lady by your side, then engage one of the escorts on one of the top legal escort websites in Vegas. This is an example of a hot and rising verified escort website in Las Vegas:

Just always remember this tip and you will never go wrong – don’t go to escorts looking for sexual gratification! You are using the services the wrong way! Escorts in Vegas simply are your romantic companions for the number of hours you engage them for.