Yuja Wang – World’s Fastest Pianist?

As a pianist, one of the coolest things to watch is a pianist who is capable of playing piano songs at break neck speeds while maintaining rhythm, accuracy and melody. And now, it seems like Yuja Wang has achieved all of that and more. Check out the following video by Yuja Wang as she plays the flight of the Bumble Bee on piano on stage.

Well, I certainly want to eventually play piano like that. I can play the same song very well, but not at this rate (perhaps 10% slower). I think Yuja Wang is arguably one of the prettiest and most talented pianists in the world. She has come to Singapore from time to time to showcase her playing. I have been there everytime she is in Singapore.

What do you think? Do you think Yuja is arguably one of the world’s top pianists? Let me know below! Also, if you want to learn the piano in Singapore, make sure to contact a local agency to help you find that talented and good home private piano teacher. I got a good recommendation, and you can contact them here to help you get a private music teacher for home piano lessons in Singapore.

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