Part Time Piano Teacher Salary In Singapore – How Much Can You Make?

As a part time piano teacher, you get to command your own hours. Rates generally fall into a certain range. The higher the grade of your student, the higher the fees you can charge to teach them. Of course, the fees that you charge students is also dependent on the piano certification level that you have. The higher your certification, for example Diploma vs Grade 8 ABRSM, the more you can charge your customers. You can contact a local match up agency to help you find students and get piano teaching gigs here:

In general, here are the range of the fees that private piano teachers in Singapore charge their students. The following are average fees for 45 to 60 minute private piano lessons.

For Grade 1 students, piano teachers charge around $140 to $170 for 4 lessons.

For Grade 2 students, they are charged around $140 to $180.

For Grade 3, it is $150 to $190.

For Grade 4, students are charged between $160 to $210.

For Grade 5 students, they are charged $190 to $250.

For Grade 6 students, they are charged $210 to $260.

Grade 7 students are charged $250 to $280.

Finally, Grade 8 students, the most advanced of all, are charged $260 to $350 for 4 lessons.

As you can see, if you work as a piano teacher, and teach your students well and stick with them as a dedicated teacher, your income will rise not only because you get more students, but because your students are now learning a much higher ABRSM grade than the past. Therefore, if you want to be a music teacher, it is important to start today.

If you want to do this part time, and you have a 9am to 6pm job, you can perhaps get a maximum of 2 students per weekday evening. To be realistic, you may only have 1 student per weekday evening, and perhaps 3 to 5 students per day on the weekends. Assuming an average of $200 for 4 lessons (in a month), that is an average of $2600 per month! This is a decent amount of money. If you teach fewer students, you will probably still make between $1000 to $2000 per month extra.

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